Finding Inspiration when you most need it

Inspiration is a tricky thing; you find it in the least expected places and moments. Calling such situations “unexpected” is simply an understatement. You would be undermining the sanctity of pre-ordination. Well, considering most of the, eureka moments, happen in either the shower or while buying food from the cart does not do justice to my pre ordination theory. Nonetheless, for now we settle score by called them accidental lightening bolts.

I have lost count of the times my husband has caught me typing furiously on my phone in the pitch dark because an idea struck me! To loose precious inspiration to sleep, is blasphemy. On the other hand, I have tried to hold on it through the night (oh yeah I have!); the result was not so spectacular. Let’s just say, waking up red eyed and with desperate need of tea is not a very good start of the day! To reiterate, at 3 am every small inspiration feels like “The Touch of God”.

touch of god inspiration part A

A tiny notebook normally resides at my bedside, to relieve my nighttime waking. It contains the most vicarious, wonderful tiny scribbles if not all plausible ideas to work with. But off late my notebook has not just lacked the spark but it hasn’t been as full of nighttime reveries as it used to be.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that when the writer’s block strikes, you have nowhere to hide. On second thought, it is comparable to getting hit by obelisk’s menhir (now I know those poor Romans never had a chance!).

I really wanted to get back to writing on my blog and unfortunately I was stuck with an immovable writer’s block. Completely stumped by this new situation, I decided to try what was evidently working for others. There is a plethora of talent if you try to look. Numerous bloggers have written about 50 best blog posts, Pinterest sports the key to crack the writers block, Youtube channels teaches you inner calm so on and so forth. The web research, quickly became a very high order for me to fill. The inspiration was close to me I just needed longer fingers to grab it! Sadly my parent’s genes produced average ones, so now I am stuck trying to wriggle out of this confounded situation.


Now whoever, that mighty soul was who said “Inspiration can come to you in any shape or size” could not have been more correct in my situation. For the time being this anonymous person is my guru! Revelation came tumbling down in the form of my 15-month-old daughter. A delight that she is; she is also an energy ball that can be more dangerous than Goku’s fire ball in dragon ball z (I sincerely hope you know what I mean! Or else it just implies that I was allowed to watch way more tele than was necessary).


After days deliberating over how to begin and what to write, all my write-ups were still incomplete and very blah! Siting at my usual place I saw her walking around. Talking baby gibberish to herself, with a pen and my notebook, she was pretending to write in it. There she was, obviously, with more inclination to write than me sitting in front of the computer screen trying to come up with interesting things to say.


That was when it struck me like another menhir! My ever-faithful muse has been in front of me all along I was just ignoring it. It was in her hands, she had been playing with it for so long. I had been so busy trying to brainstorm some exalted ideas that I was missing out on the very topic that I can write pages and pages on. From time immaterial, my love for everything stationery has been my inspiration. Wasn’t it my stationery that caught everyone’s attention in high school; or the paper on which I printed my very first resume? Countless times people have stopped and asked me about my planners in coffee shops and at airports. Stationery inspires me like master artworks of Bernini or Michelangelo inspire me. So it’s a no brainer to return to it now for the blog too.


It is often easy to get swayed by what your favorite author/blogger writes about and how your favorite artist creates. It is also convenient to ape these very creative people because evidently they have paved this path and it has worked. However, if you want your singular voice to be heard you must be honest not just to your readers but also to yourself. Inspiration is always close to you more than you think. All you need to do is open your eyes to see the very obvious. I did, so will you!


I hope you enjoyed my blog post and will join me for the next installment about how I keep my creative juices flowing.

Thank you


“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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