Keep your creative juices flowing.

It took you ages to start your blog. Then it was all about finding the right first blog post and you managed to keep up the pace for the new few posts. A month later it all seems to be slowing down. All your initial ideas are used up and you don’t know what else to create or write about.

You have the momentum but there is often a lack of direction. Keeping up the tempo of writing on your blog week after week can be a bit overwhelming for the newbies. Having spent so much energy on their first few posts they start slacking and loose the momentum. The scenario is not alien to many of us. Even the star bloggers face the lull periods. But the good news is, this waywardness is easy to deflect.


Below are my 5 easy techniques that I use to kick-start my day.


Inspirational Books

While studying at London College of Fashion, I was encouraged to keep an inspiration book. This notebook/journal is nothing but a catalogue of pages that get your creative juices flowing. All you need is any notebook even a composition book will do. Next you stick down images that you find interesting. They can be cuttings from magazine (dresses, bags or even home goods), coffee cup holders from Starbucks or flyers sent in snail mail. Without any deliberate thought of how the pages come together the notebook should become full of cohesive images that you like and will inspire you in many years to come. I have continued to keep several such books over the years.

Lists on the go

Often when you are walking on streets or going somewhere in the train or bus, or like me staring at your daughter doing mischief you find interesting things that catch your attention. Don’t let them slip past you. These are precious ideas that can be the basis of a million good things. Though I always have a notebook close me at all times, I also use an app called “Paper”. It has an easy interface and is very convenient as I have it on both my phone and Ipad and the information syncs effortlessly across. I quickly jot down ideas in it, sometimes corroborating it with a picture or two to make my thought coherent for later use.

Helping hands

Blog Banner

Reading what others are writing about or currently creating can also spark new ideas and shape your own thought process. I follow more than 100 blogs and scroll through almost all on a daily basis. Often I get ideas from these lovely blogs in directions that I did not think about before. Be mindful that I am not asking you to plagiarize but simply pick up on inspirations. For example, I love to watch videos of Miss VickyBee on Youtube. She introduced me to Hobonichi planners, which I have quickly fallen in love with. I use the notebooks in a slightly different manner than is common which will also be an upcoming post.

Pick up the left overs

{{{{{Picture of Book inferno and a page of sketchnote}}}}}}

This is probably the easiest of ways to get inspired. Go back to what you know already. Simply pick up the topic that you wrote passionately about in the past and continue or deviate ever so slightly to create another new topic from the similar topic. For example while writing this particular blog post I have been jotting down ideas on the side about future blog posts. One idea reverberating in my head is to share how I like to take creative notes with a novel I read. Maybe one of the future posts will be dedicated to my side sketchbook based on Dante’s “Inferno”.

Hon your skill

{{{{pic of my desk space}}}}

Did you know that it takes 21 days to form a habit! Pick up a new hobby or rejuvenate an old one that you tried and put it aside for whatever reasons. For 21 days write about the process every day as you continue to build on it. Now you not just have something to write about but you are also building a new skill on the side. This win- win situation could not be better. I am trying to redecorate my workspace. Having given it much thought I would like to create things for the space from my vast resources around me rather than buy things from the office supply stores. This has become a challenge and has pushed me to think out of the box. As an added bonus why not write about it?

Writing on blog can be tiring and cathartic at the same time. You are pretty much pouring your soul into each and every blog post. With so many bloggers out there, there is bound to be more than one blogger, writing about the topics close to your heart. This is exactly why Jumpstarts exist. To boost your creativity for days when you just cant create something extraordinary. Everyone has a different perspective. You know you have all the creativity you need, otherwise you would not have started blogging in the first place!

Creativity isn’t creativity without inspiration. Sometimes when there isn’t any exciting thing happening around us and the weather is dismal inspiration doesn’t come to us as easily. Those rare days require jumpstarts. A small doodle or a song playing in the background can spark your idea machine. Above were handful techniques that help me along the way. I would love to know about yours. How do you get through your days of absent creativity? What do you do to jumpstart your days? What helps you most or lest?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and will join me for the next installment about the new hot alternative to regular journal notebooks.

Thank you.


“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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