Did you know that it takes only 21 consecutive days to form a habit? Easy as a pie right? Maybe for some people! But this list of amazing individuals does not include me! No no no! I have tried many many times and disastrously failed at the task. Considering that I even came up with this idea is preposterous in itself. So, now that I have complemented myself and raised the bar to such high standards, I will proceed to tell you my plan for May.


I like working in my Hobonichi Techo A6. Its small, compact and has the most delicious paper! This May, I wish to share with you drawings that I create in it for the next 30 days. You can also find pictures on my Instagram # 30maydays.

Below are pages for May 1 and 2.

What are your views on habit making? Have you tried and succeeded at any habit-forming ritual? Please do share in the comments below what are your views and opinions?

Hope you will join me in habit building exercise for the month of May. I also have another installment for you in the next section on creating Midori inserts which you can find here.

Thank you.


“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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