Weekly Recap for #30May Days

Last Monday I told you I would like to start a #30MayDays. And guess what I stuck it out for this week! I didn’t believe that I would be able to do it but I did!

Why Hobonichi you would ask? I love the softness of paper and I love the size. I can take it everywhere with me. What could be better than that! While on the go I usually carry it in a pouch along with my mechanical pencil a micron 0.1 and carbon platinum ink pen.

This is my week worth of drawings in my Hobonichi.

This week I drew what I saw or did that day. So the drawings range from cherry blossom to odd weather changes to Met Gala dresses that caught my attention ad finally ended on National Scrapbooking Day and Mother’s Day.

Hope you are inspired to start your own 30 days of drawing and enjoyed this week’s post and will join me again next week for further adventures in my Hobonichi.

Thank you

IMG_1945 http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54494_193_07B99A4D0369E97DD5CA6090ED146641

“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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