Its National Scrapbooking Day

My reaction to it! Thank god people want to celebrate it still! Scrapbooking has been the oldest form of memory keeping. No matter how old you are, chances are that your parents or perhaps one in particular has documented your growth chart or your first drawing. I know my mother was an avid lover of documenting everything I did! I owe it to my mom to remember so many things in my childhood because she would with excruciating detail put down everything that she thought was important.  I appreciate this binder doubly now that I am a mommy! It’s a great reference point. But that’s a topic for another day. For now we get back to National Scrapbooking day.

I find a lot of people saying Scrapbooking has lost is charm and is a thing of days past! Nobody really scraps anymore etc etc. My answer to that is a big absolute NO! Everybody does some sort of scrapbooking; there is a hidden scrapbooker in all of us big or small. Perhaps, not in the original context of Scrapbooking but the essential question is does anyone really know what is this so called original form? There will always be so varying and conflicting answers to that simply underlying that there is no one correct answer.

Scrapbooking is probably the only craft hobby, which has seen so many transformations and demeanor changing ever so slightly with every new trend that it’s difficult for anyone to keep track of any and all changes. Hence the sad question “oh! Do you still scrapbook?” Isn’t relevant anymore.

I find it hard not to get into an impromptu scrapbooking mode at home or at work. When notes are required along with a reference picture of what needs to be cooked, created, produced for the market, a quick photo pasting/drawing and notemaking on the side is nothing but scrapbooking right?

Or for that matter what do your planners look like? Mine looks a lot like a scrapbook with notes that are very important and cannot be missed. I love going back to those pages with my little girl’s pictures or snapshots of my husband and me in between the work notes just for breather. It’s so fun to still be Scrapbooking and memory keeping. What is even more fun is that there is no right or wrong way of doing it. Everybody has his or her own styles. The decision to go extravagant on each page or keep it bare minimal is completely yours to make. Like a cherry on the cake, scrapbooking is not just on paper anymore (which is definitely my style). For all the environmentally inclined people there are apps to create digital layouts as well. It can’t get better than that!

So I am glad there is one dedicated day for us scrapbook lovers when you can actually celebrate this wonderful hobby of creating memories in a unique way. You can now participate in so many on going competitions, blog hops etc happening on that day. If you are like the old me and do not want to submit your work online, then you can just be an admirer and give positive feedback to many who do share. Really, this scrapbooking community is the most lovable and open I have ever come across.

So as a love note to my favorite day, I decided to share some work that I created. I scrapbook in many-many variations, with 12×12 being my not so favorite at the moment. But on this special day I wanted to scrapbook the traditional way and here it is.

I hope you feel inspired to create some work of your own. Do share what appeals to you the most. I also hope you will join me for the next installment about Mother’s Day and what makes it so special now.

Hope you enjoyed my post and will join me for the next installment of the scarpbooking adventure.

Thank you.


“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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