When its all about being a mommy!



It’s true when they say you will not realize the importance of your mom till you become one! No matter how many arguments people make or what reasoning they give, nothing is compared to the boulder that hits your life like a baby. Suddenly every word my Maa says seems like a gospel truth! I dare you to crack a joke about moms and I look like a walking fire engine! Nobody can so much as utter a word about this woman who up until now had been the butt of most of my jokes. Don’t get me wrong I never in life disrespected my mother but it was a sort of ritual to roll my eyes and define all the motherly care under the umbrella of “oh Mommy! Don’t be silly! Having a child after 36 hours of labor make you feel like sitting under the tree of enlightenment and as if somebody suddenly switched the light in from above.



Now after so many years she has truly become my hero in the right sense of the word. I not only commend her for taking care of me but I also respect her more when I think how she handled my fits and temper tantrums with grace and dignity. I am not sure if I will ever be able to do the same with my girl. It is not every day that you reflect on your past mistakes. Plus writing on my blog is very different from actually accepting in front of her that she was right all along! We don’t have to go that far, do we? But mothers- daughters don’t always have to spell everything to each other all the time. Even when we laugh at each other and make fun of everything under the sun, scold each other with ferocity, we know what makes our relationship so special. I just hope I can have the semblance of the same naughtiness and mischief with my daughter as I had with my Maa.

When I see her burying her head in my shoulder or throwing her hands around me for comfort I realize what truly mother’s love is. It is an amazing feeling. The sense that cannot just cannot be compared to any other. What makes it even more special is this bond between a mother and daughter just grows stronger with every passing moment. Every day she grows up, every day she does something enchanting that makes me spellbound and crave for more.

Today as I stood before my mirror putting my makeup on (my makeup routine is very short, just a kohl and lip gloss) my 15 month old stood by me watching with intent. Seconds later I saw her mimicking me putting lip-gloss on. A sense of déjà vu was overwhelming when I remembered the time when I used to stand next to my mother wondering when will I get my hands on her cosmetics.

So the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. Which also means I have a fair chance at being a good enough mommy! Even if I might not be as good as mine I certainly can make it to the mediums ranks for sure.

Celebrating mother’s day becomes more important then when you celebrate three generations of motherhood- my grandmother, my mother and aunt (she is second mum) and me! What an amazing feeling it is! Happy Mother’s Day to all my wonderful mommies!

Enjoy your day

Hope you enjoyed reading my post and will join me for the next post.

Thank you.


“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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