Must-have Stationery box!

What do you do when you are addicted to ordering subscription boxes? Well! That’s easy, you order more of course!

Subscription boxes are fun in their own special way. They are paid for guaranteed presents that come every month. Now what can be better than that? The element of surprise is really the cherry on the cake. I have been an avid admirer of these boxes and tried quite a few in the past. Some were huge hits and others big time misses.

I came across this particular box by random chance while searching for Japanese stationery. I decided to search on it for its unique name “Moustache Stationery“. Quite intrigued I decided to look more.The images of this boxes looked promising and the content unique and therefore definitely worth the try. So I decided to go for it.

As a rule I always like to order for a short duration as a try out period. Nobody wants to be locked down, paying for boxes for a whole year or so with contents that you don’t even enjoy.
The process for ordering the subscription was easy enough. They have various plans to enjoy the box. While a monthly box costs $39.99, the 3 month prepay, 6 month prepay tends to lower the average cost by almost $10 per box. One box is never a good yardstick to decide if the subscription box is a hit or miss so I decided to pick the 3 month prepay subscription.


I waited with baited breath for my box. Promptly it arrived on the prescribed day. I especially loved the email sent informing me of the delivery of the box on my front porch. As I opened my first box I was quite taken aback with the contents.

It was as if they knew that I wanted to explore the world of calligraphy. I received a kalahisari qalam. A qalam is a pen used very commonly in India before independence. This was a modern take on what used to be the most used medium of many historic Indian play poets, Mirza Ghalib being one of the famous ones. I found it quite amusing that these hard to get pens in India managed to come to my doorsteps in a subscription box. Coupled with its corresponding tools were the best part of the box. Considering that I had been looking for this tool for sometime now, Moustache Stationery was an instant hit in my mind.


The other contents of the box included a set of notebooks and an envelope folder. I decided to hoarse the notebooks for later use. I don’t particularly create envelopes on my own so as of now I await the opportunity to actually use it but seems like a great tool to have nonetheless.

Second month’s box was another great surprise! I received a leuchtturn notebook! Again the notebook was something I was reading about and thinking of purchasing . It was therefore another Aha! moment. What more could there be? Indeed there were Stabilo neon pens and a travel edition ink pen from Kaweco!!!

I am generally a rather even tempered person but here in front of me were all my hearts delights. How could I resist not doing a victory jump?

There was a set of calendar cards and a washi tape to complete this kit for the month of April. I decided to use the cards in my Midori journal. The washi tape was probably the weakest link as I have much better quality washi tapes and buy dozens in one go. But hey! when you get so many goodies in a box, one washi tape is not a deal breaker. I would not even call it a road bump.

My last kit  as a part of my 3 month prepay  subscription was May. This really sealed my budding love for this subscription box. Not only did they outdid the last box but amazed me once more with the thorough thought process that goes in creating this box. The trending mode of journal keeping Midori (for which I recently wrote a blog post as well;  you can find it here) was the key point for this month.

Again as if they created this box for me I found myself staring at lion postcard as well a sauve big cat sporting moustache! Completely bowled over by the cute details of this month I explored the midori. The leather was very pliant and has a lot space enough to house atleast 6 notebooks. My mind is already whirring how and which notebooks will settle into this journal. The big clobber paper clips are easy to use and perfect to model with other stationery items. I am in love!

My three months passed and I was at the junction where I usually make a pro con list for whether to continue with the box or not. This time round I didn’t even make a list! The answer was easy enough. I was going to renew my subscription and probably extend the period to 6 months.

If you would like to know more about Moustache Stationery and subscribe please click on this link below.

Moustache Stationery

Hope you enjoyed my post and will join me again for another subscription review.

Thank you


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