Flower boutique

When you live in the New York City you get used to urban jungle, the steel high rises, the traffic and the general buzz of the city that never sleeps. Every spring the city sports pops of color under bridge, sometimes the sidewalk sports tulips or daffodils or my personal favorite peonies. This spring was special in its own way. Saks Fifth Avenue showcased their glam gardens this spring.

As amazing and innovative their window displays are glam gardens was a must see for tourists and New Yorkers alike.

If you look closer you will see why I was so fascinated about these windows displays in particular. Each display was a carefully crafted type of paper flowers. A trend which has hit the craft and hobby community like a blizzard. There they were in the Windows of this prestigious store hammering in the reason why this trend should be taken seriously by one and all.

I usually have a favorite or maybe a couple but here were window after window of beautiful flowers as a perfect prop and a backdrop for the products on display. I could not choose one from the other.

Easy as they are; they are also delicate and intricate to make. Paper flowers are also the best namesake of the beauty of the real flowers they pose as.

Days after I had looked at the Windows for the first time, I decided to go and look at the Windows again before they were taken off. You cannot even guess how many times I thought to myself if only I can go through their dumpster and retrieve these beauties for myself! The flowers were in my dreams and on my mind all the time. So I decided to use them as inspiration for something of my own. Something that would remind me of the glam gardens of saks fifth avenue and be a fitting ode to the display Windows.

I chose Chloe’s particular display as the basis of my design and created this display box full of paper flowers.

They sit on top of my desk for now before I can find an appropriate place for both. I love what came out of the time spent creating the paper flowers.

If you would like to create the flower boutique shadow box with me please follow the directions below:

What you will need

Shadow box

Paper in various gradient colors


Hot glue gun

Stencil for creating circles

To begin the process, cut circles from the papers collected.

With the help of pencil create spirals and cut that out as well. You don’t need to be exact in the spiral lines. I realized roughly drawn lines create more beautiful flowers.

Begin rolling the circle from the edge just like so.

Once that is done, you should let it unwind just enough to zone in on the size the suits your needs the best.

Glue it with the glue gun to avoid it unwinding more.

Stick at the base of the shadow box in the pattern you prefer. I wanted to create the ombré effect so I stuck it in the manner below.

And voila! Easy-peasy. Just like that the shadow box came together.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and will join me again for the next blog post soon.

Thank you


“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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1 thought on “Flower boutique

  1. Always enjoy going through your blog. Your are at your creative best yet there is so much more.Keep adding your creations and part of your life!!!!


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