Fathers and Planes

Afternoon turns to evening. The clock strikes 6 and the anticipation game begins. She plays with her blocks but glances once in a while at the door. Its evident she is waiting for someone. The garage door whirrs and she looks up, immediately alert. Dropping everything that she is doing at the moment my 1-year-old runs towards the door and screams on top of her lungs “dada dada”! Till the father appears in the doorway she continues to scream, excitement visible in her voice.

It’s amazing how love blossoms between a father and a daughter. Ask my husband what is it that he misses most; he will answer without hesitation that it’s his daughter’s smile. Even though my riotous pair gets to spend very few hours in the day, every moment counts for them. Their screams and squeals fill my kitchen and are indeed the best sounds to look forward to in the day.

When I see them I am reminded of all the screaming that was once in mum’s kitchen with another uncanny pair running around. My relation with my father relationship has taken a momentous beautiful turn. When I was little every thing had to be validated by him and now it’s the other way around. Nothing can be done without the others consent. I still remember the night my daughter was born, two fathers paced the room endlessly worrying about their respective babies.

This father’s day I get to celebrate it with both these wonderful men. A slow and happy sunny day! Definitely a day for barbecue, we decided to get our grill going. The sound of the sizzling pan makes me hungry.

Just as a way of celebration, I would like to share with you something that was a pet project of my father and me. On many somber rainy days, when I would impatiently ask my mum for the nth time what should I do, my father would bring out his box full of popsicle sticks and matchbox covers. We would make planes out of them. I became go good at it that I could make planes out of almost anything as long as they met my basic requirements.

If you would like follow along, here is

What you will need

Popsicle sticks

Clothes pin

Glue gun



I laid out all the Popsicle sticks and the bead on a newspaper and painted them with my color scheme of grey, white and pink. With the help of the glue gun a stuck down the sticks in appropriate positions to create a semblance of an airplane. And within easy 5 minutes the project is ready.

Here’s wishing all the wonderful fathers everywhere a very happy fathers day! And to all the future fathers-to-be; be prepared for all the happiness that is coming your way.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post and will join me for the next installment.

Thank you


“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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