To chase or not to Paperchase…that is the question?

Let me tell you about my family today. We are a set of people with very accommodating set of beliefs and traditions. But one tradition that has weathered time is sending physical cards to each other on all special occasions and sometimes not so special ones too. So much so, that I feel the card industry survived its near extinction because of families like ours.

This year while enjoying our vacation in London, I realized I forgot to pack birthday cards for my husband! Damn! How did that happen? The meticulous packer that I am…forgot a very important part of the birthday celebration! Oh well, I knew there was a store I could visit, it is called Paperchase. Normally, that would not have been on my must visit list of stores while holidaying in London, but I decided to devise a conniving scheme which would involve eluding my husband and daughter and sneaking into the store all by myself.

Hamley’s turned out to be my saving armor, while the two were enjoying each others company choosing toys, I turned my feet into a near-by Paperchase store at the Picadilly circus.

Living in New York City, Papyrus is the most convenient and favorite stop for cards. Thinking that Paperchase would be a similar boutique store, I thought my visit would be short 5 minutes involving selecting cards from me and my daughter to celebrate daddy dearests’ day and I would be back to my coterie before anyone starts to miss me.

Let me tell you honestly I was not prepared the visit at all. This was a stationery store on the lines of Paper Source, if you have ever chanced there. Oh my! How many delicious things there were, all packed in that small space. Cards, Paper, notebooks, planners, and stickers! I knew the moment I lay my eyes on the planner section I knew  this was going to take longer than expected! Moving from isle to isle I picked up a few random things. Politely a sales associate pointed to me, “You might want a shopping bag, perhaps?” I looked down at my arms only to realize, I was in fact attempting to balance several pieces while extending my other free hand to grab more. Oh boy! This was going to be trouble.


Their selection of items, were both wide and deep. What caught my attention was the detailed merchandise display. The store sported equal weightage to cards as well as stationery. Just looking at the wide display of notebooks and accessories would make you want to buy something. The sheer enormity of the pen display was comparable to Kunokunia, Bryant Park.

There were themed display tables, which made it easier to pick up accessories that go well together. As you continue to move towards the back of the store, a dedicated point of sales specialized in printing and custom card making. Below is my haul that traveled with me from London to New York. I bought two planners, which will be dedicated for blogging and personal date book in the year 2017. The photo frames and stickers were last minute add-ons, which were too cute to be skipped. Can’t wait to break into the stickers for project life. I also bought an ice cream cup, which will be used to hold pens on my desk. And the humongous pen case, this holds all my pens for now until a more suited house is dedicated for each sort. Last but my favorite the notebook for lists and page flags.

I came out of the store, a very happy customer! Standing at the red light waiting for it to turn green, I look inside my shopping bag with a satisfied glee…I bought everything that i didn’t need but forgot the birthday cards for the daddy! Oops!…I turn back towards the store wondering  if another quick glance over the spiral notebook section was possible? Would they be missing me right now?

Hope you enjoyed my blog post and will join me for the next installment.

Thank you


“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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4 thoughts on “To chase or not to Paperchase…that is the question?

  1. I loved reading your blog post!💕 I used to work in Paperchase and trust me, it was so difficult ending a shift and not buying stuff! I used to come home with bags full of things I didn’t need but just couldn’t help myself. I love the items you picked up!☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! and thank you for liking my blog post. i must confess i am quite jealous of the fact that you worked at Paperchase. It must be such fun to stack new things on shelves and unwrap them from their packing. What was it that you particularly were most fond of? I couldn’t make up my mind which planner to choose from. I wish i could have spent more time to look around. Maybe next time.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know, I loved working there but unfortunately I got made redundant!😥 it was amazing unpacking all the pretty products and looking after all of them!😍 maybe make some time and go for a really long shop!


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