Champagne flutes can be fun!

When you don’t really drink champagne, but have sets and sets of flutes dedicated serious champagne drinkers, what do you do? After trying desperately to get rid of them; and superbly failing to do so (obviously, the husband intervened!), I decided something needs to be done to emancipate their future.

The happy occasion coincided with an impending visit from a set of cousins to whom it’s always good to show off your creativity. At least there is something they won’t be able to copy (evil laugh with drumroll!). Now you can’t really change everything in the house around but a quick spruce up before the guests arrive; well that is easy. And you know what is easier? A simple reconstruction on the center table which looks like a million bucks.

I invested not more than 5 minutes on this project, but I did receive multiple wows which made me grin from side to side. Now what can be better than that!

With the help of my trusty champagne flutes, I filled them with holly boughs and fake moss. Turned them upside down and I used the base to support a flameless candle. Styling them with books and greens to accentuate the holiday effect turned into an easy and quick project, but looked like million bucks.

I was convinced that over the top look was the best way to go, when later I discovered the minimalist look around the same flute. To this I have grown accustomed to and shall be very sad to remove them when I take down the holiday gear.

Hope you will give it your own twist and try it out at your own homes. Do tell me which look you prefer? The extravagant romantic look or the modern minimalist look.

Thank you


“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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