International handwriting day!

What could be a bigger irony then writing about handwriting day and typing it on your keyboard! I invite you all to explore this very special day with me.
There are many who will tell you handwriting is extinct or needs revival. In a manner of speaking it is true, convenient tools exist for those who are not very confident of their handwriting styles. Then there are those who prefer to see their scribbles and scrawl over blank and filled pages alike. I am in latter category. I make lists just to be able to use different pens and practice writing.
While cleaning my childhood room closet yesterday( I am spending blissful and divine days filled with delicious food and doing nothing at my parents house…vacations are amazing) I came across my mother’s diary buried under piles of wrapping paper. That turned out to be a treasure trove. She wrote quite prodigiously back in the day. Just seeing the old pages with her beautiful handwriting made me wonder why she stopped. The answer was obvious and rather sad. When I entered her world; between her job and looking after her home and baby it was just impossible to find time! Wasn’t that why I stopped writing too? As soon as my Tasmanian devil arrived it has been a feat no less than a giant’s feast to simply put down a few hundred words a day.

Taking out my old notebooks was fun too. My notebooks were less than journals but more of note making for the many courses I had taken over the years. There were copious information about fabrics and functions and properties. There were essays on Agmenon’s Herald and Pinker’s Symantics. My life ions ago was flashing before me.

There was nothing particularly special about these notebooks. They had started to rot with age. But just moving my hand over pages in my mother’s diary made me feel connected to her younger self. I found out a little more about her through her crosses and rewrites. That is how handwriting transcends time and place and also what makes it so special. I want the same for my daughter too.

Every year on her birthday my husband and I write a letter to our daughter about our learning, our feelings and her as a person. I force my husband to write it out in his writing which is finally a part of her yearly birthday binder. This is our small way of keeping memory alive for her later.
It is such a lovely mode of expression that people find antiquated or waste of time. Below are are few tips and tricks on keeping your handwriting from hitting the rusty handle:

  1. Keep a tiny notebook handy always just to note down whatever comes to your mind. I have my hobonichi techo A6 in my purse always just to draw, write, take down notes, absolutely anything. There are days in months which are left blank for sometime and then are days which fill up all the blank pages of the past. So the sum total works out fine for me. You will find a link to amazon here. 
  2. Try a ” sentence a day”. It’s an interesting challenge. You can find the details here. I gave it a try some years ago and managed it well for almost 4 months, after which I started to slack. But hey! If you can do it for 365 days a year, it’s great start. Kikki k has a version of a 365 journal that I used for this challenge. This link to notebook is here.
  3. Try out the new version of planner systems available today. They call themselves creative planners and you can use them in absolutely any way imaginable. Below is my creative planner. I use it part as a blog planner and part as a scrapbook and part for 30 day watercolor challenge. You can customize it to the way you prefer. I am using a carpe diem binder at the moment, but own several such binders. The link to amazon is here. But there are several companies selling similar binders like Kikki k.
  4. Invest in a good fountain pen and buy a pack of cheap ball point pens pack. I own Safari Lamy, the link is here; which I use when I have idle time. On the go I prefer the blic ball points just because if I loose them I don’t have a heartache.
  5. Take time to write. There is no bigger satisfaction that flipping back pages of handwriting and reading your flow of thought in the years past. Love your handwriting just the way it is. It’s yours and very unique. Don’t try to ape someone else’s just because you like it better. It will impede your thought process.

Happy handwriting day everyone!
I hope I have inspired you to write something today or even start the sentence a day challenge on your own. I would love to see your handwritten note and would love to know how you keep your handwriting alive. Please leave a comment on how you strive to write better?

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will join me for the next blog post on how I use multiple planners in 2017.

Thank you



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1 thought on “International handwriting day!

  1. Just love the ideas and way you presented it all!! I think I am going to start keeping a diary & pen in my bag to start scribbling.It is sad how little we write now.


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