Once upon a desk

This story has a disclaimer. It is not for the fainthearted people who believe in keeping their desks pristine clean and work in an organized manner. They should just stay away from the sheer burden of the words to follow! For the rest of us, this modern love story begins like any other with a happily ever after.

The day my desk was moved into my corner of the study, I fell in love and I knew it would be happily ever after for us. Unfortunately, that was also the last time I saw the gleaming white top. Very soon, it was submerged under the weight of notebooks, journals, paints, magazines, tools and everything that followed thereafter.

I almost forgot, what it looked like till one day thunder struck! Well, not so much thunder, but my  tiny Tasmanian Devil got into the study and to my dismay was intent on pulling out this one piece of pink paper which delicately balanced the entire theatrics of my deskware! Alas, the London bridge  was not so sturdy infront of my infants’ intent ( Edgar Allen Poe would be so proud of my new found love of alterations) !

Anyhow, after that one pause in my continuity of time, which resembled more like Sisyphus on top of the mountain ready to tumble down, I sat and looked at the mess all around me, wondering if it was even possible to acquire more pieces than could actually fit in a jigsaw puzzle? . Oh well! look at the bright side, dear me, I found my lost paint brush! Who knew I still had it!

The path was clear infront of me, I had to embark on my herculean task! It could not be a bigger war than the one Paris and Menalus fought for their lady love in the mythical land of troy. So, if that face could launch a thousand ships, so could mine, perhaps maybe just thoughtful ships to begin with.

Exactly three excruciating days later, the desk looked human again! I decided to add a few knick knacks on the way. There is no point wasting all that paper.

Its such a wonder, how precious things look when they are set to perfection?

I  believe its not the way things are kept but the way they are cared for that really bring out the real beauty.

And perhaps the few extras can remain under the desk for now!

Hope you enjoyed my trials and tribulation with the beloved desk and will join me again for a rendezvous with the artists and their paintings.



“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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