Stationery Week

Some people wait for summer, some wait for spring, yet others wait for fashion week, but I wait for Stationery week!!!! DRUM ROLL…… okay! So what is stationery week? Why have a week dedicated to stationery? What does it mean?

A few great like minded people realized the importance of the dying art of writing, love for everything that sits on the desk, and generally all the lovely goodie that go together and form the gorgeous world of stationery. They figured if there is a whole week dedicated to just stationery, people would be motivated to talk more about it and actually rekindle the art. And thus the  #natstatweek was born.

If you wish to get more information about it, their website here, you can also find them on their fb page, here and their Instagram profile is here. In this week, each day has a specific theme. Below are some of my inspiration if you wish to follow:

MONDAY, APRIL 232018                                                                                            MAKE A NOTE DAY


IMG_0118.jpg #makeanote


TUESDAY, APRIL 24 2018                                                                                                PEN AND PENCIL DAY


IMG_0119.jpg #penandpencil #keeponwriting


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2018                                                                              STATIONERY AROUND THE WORLD DAY

 IMG_0125.jpg #stationeryaroundtheworld


THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2018                                                                                    WORK HAPPY DAY





FRIDAY, APRIL 27,  2018                                                                                          ORGANIZATION DAY


IMG_0128.jpg #aplaceforeverything



SATURDAY, APRIL 282018                                                                                          GET CRAFTY DAY


IMG_0156.jpg #getcrafty



SUNDAY, APRIL 29 2018                                                                                SIGNATURE SUNDAY DAY


IMG_0132 #signaturesunday #writingmatters



I hope you are as excited for the week as i am and will follow along in this week about everything stationery. If you wish to join in on all the fun, then please use all the hashtags to spread the love as much as you can.

The National Stationery Show is coming up soon to so watch for the details in the coming week.

Thanks for stopping by.



“When creativity does not slack why should you?”








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