Hello! Welcome to My blog Brushscripts!

This blog is for the paper lovers, by a paper lover and of the paper lovers. If you are like me and have an addiction to paper and all things related, you have come to right place.

The Conception

Have you ever sympathized with a hoarder? I am a self- pro claimed one at best! If etiquette and decorum were not at stake, I would have taken you around my piles and piles of unending stash. However, due to the lack of space in this column I beseech your lovely imagination and impel you to consider my position. I have an addiction and it is rather serious. You would suspect I am lying and I confess I might be exaggerating just a little bit, but then what are we without our sensational imagination and vision.

The easy thing to do was to de-stash right? Well that was an obvious answer staring in my face. But hoarder that I am I just could not part with my lovely belonging. I figured, since a lot my acquisitions had been because of the amazing communities on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube (I am a member of many such lovely ones); it was time to pay forward my gratitude. So many have helped me cultivate, hone and actualize skills I never knew I had. Now I want to share all that I know, have learnt, how I stumbled and what made me better. Why not share my experiences with all my fellow artists and make some of your life easier in the process? Sounds rather Romantic doesn’t it? Well, it surely is.

The Motivation

In this blog you will find several techniques on how to get your hands dirty with wonderful paint, breaking open your hermit journals and completing them with marvelous stories, pictures, ephemera and memorabilia. In the process finishing those left over paint tubes, ink bottles and dulling your scissor blades. After all how else can you make room for more new things? On occasions, whenever necessary, I will do a review to help you choose as per your interests and means. Rest of the times, you will find a lot of fun moments, because I love everything paper and related to paper.

The Goal

My goal is simple! I want to spark a romance between you and paper; between you and your untouched stationery; between you and pencils sitting in the corner for years. Learn to trust and cherish these lovely muses and unleash your creativity in a way that you can be proud of yourself. If all this sounds like a plan why don’t you sign up here for my newsletters where is I will share with you additional insights, sneak peaks and reviews up close and personal delivered to your mail box once a month.

So without much ado, I seek all adventure seekers. The ones who will embark with me on this breath taking journey with a journal of course. We shall walk across the Madison Avenue or sit in the Bryant Park for a sip of tea, talk about this and that and other things related to paper.

The addict

I am Saumya. I live in New York. I worked in the home fashion industry as a product developer when my baby girl stepped into my life. Her tiny presence created a whirlwind and turned my world into her giant playground. My husband and I have an uphill task of raising a feisty daughter in the city that never sleeps!

I have always loved to write, its natural given that I have an opinion about everything that matters to me. The rest of the things that don’t matter to me at the moment well, give me a day and I will have an opinion on those too. It was not until I moved my camp permanently to New York that I found I was ready to open up my journal writing and move into the amateur writing arena.

Enough said about me, this blog is about writing in cursive, with a brush, drawing with a pencil sometimes a charcoal stick and many-many more such things. It is as much about absorbing this startling world as it is about releasing pent up creative endeavors in the form tangible artwork. Paper can be very cathartic when you put scissors to it.

So please once again come join me and surrender to the lure of paper…

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Thank you so much for taking time out to go through my rather long bio.


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