To chase or not to Paperchase…that is the question?

Let me tell you about my family today. We are a set of people with very accommodating set of beliefs and traditions. But one tradition that has weathered time is sending physical cards to each other on all special occasions and sometimes not so special ones too. So much so, that I feel the card industry survived its near extinction because of families like ours.

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Fathers and Planes

Afternoon turns to evening. The clock strikes 6 and the anticipation game begins. She plays with her blocks but glances once in a while at the door. Its evident she is waiting for someone. The garage door whirrs and she looks up, immediately alert. Dropping everything that she is doing at the moment my 1-year-old runs towards the door and screams on top of her lungs “dada dada”! Till the father appears in the doorway she continues to scream, excitement visible in her voice.

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Flower boutique

When you live in the New York City you get used to urban jungle, the steel high rises, the traffic and the general buzz of the city that never sleeps. Every spring the city sports pops of color under bridge, sometimes the sidewalk sports tulips or daffodils or my personal favorite peonies. This spring was special in its own way. Saks Fifth Avenue showcased their glam gardens this spring.

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Must-have Stationery box!

What do you do when you are addicted to ordering subscription boxes? Well! That’s easy, you order more of course!

Subscription boxes are fun in their own special way. They are paid for guaranteed presents that come every month. Now what can be better than that? The element of surprise is really the cherry on the cake. I have been an avid admirer of these boxes and tried quite a few in the past. Some were huge hits and others big time misses.

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Its National Scrapbooking Day

My reaction to it! Thank god people want to celebrate it still! Scrapbooking has been the oldest form of memory keeping. No matter how old you are, chances are that your parents or perhaps one in particular has documented your growth chart or your first drawing. I know my mother was an avid lover of documenting everything I did! Continue reading