To Gratitude with love

Have you ever tried to research the concept of a gratitude journals? In case you haven’t, let me tell you that I found tons and tons of prosy write ups about how it is good to feel gratitude, it unburdens your life, gives you positivity…blah blah blah!

I have always wondered if the emotion called “gratitude” anthropomorphized (turned into human being) what would she (for gratitude cannot be a male, at least not in my head) say about all the journal writing dedicated to herself?

Would she be bored enough to not want see another dedication or would she be intrigued to want more of the same such?

Whenever I thought of gratitude journals, I considered them to be fun, enjoyable in a sense of being able to flip through at ease and remember all the things I liked and was thankful for in that instant of my life. Hence my gratitude journals have a more creative outlook.

As a ceremony, when the last day of the year is about to end, I sit down to write about all things that I have been grateful for in the year past.

I wish to share with you a flip through of gratitude journal for the year 2016.

Hope you enjoy it.



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