Lights, camera and a hobonichi

As a couple, my husband and I love exploring each other’s interests and hobbies. So these days he is teaching me Aperture, Shutter speed and ISOs ( it sure sounded more complicated than it turned out to be) and in return he learns all about Tomeo River Paper and the fascinating world of Hobonichi. In case you, like my darling husband are new to Hobonichi too, it is a Japanese planner with the most delicious paper on earth! And if you haven’t tried it just yet; wait till your pen glides across the Tomeo River paper and trust me when I say this…your life will not be the same again! To learn more about Hobonichi you can visit the site here.

Now,  why am I telling you all this? Well, apart from all the whimsical digression on Hobonichi and Tomeo River Paper, all of the happy learning coincided with a home assignment practice shoot and #national stationery week.  But instead of learning the tricks and tips of either of the promised vocations, we slipped into our best kept skins aka. the  photographer, his muse and the faithful Hobonichi by her side.

And since today is the official start date of stationery week, I thought it might be a more interesting to show you our Hobonichi photo shoot rather than prose on and on about some amazing pen or how to get your handwriting right! Which I  plan to do, eventually, in the coming days of course. For now, enjoy our spring fling!

This was where the photo shoot actually veered in a completely different direction! Suddenly instead of taking pictures, I was posing with my heels and of course I had to get my two fairy princesses on the side.

Sometimes I don’t even realize when he takes a shot. This is most definitely one of those instances where it seemed like a procrastinated shot.

Now for some actual front posing. See how I hold onto my precious hobonichi. Maybe I should carry it once to a party as a purse. That will spice things up!

Nothing! and I mean nothing will stop me from twirling in the lush green grass in our backyard.

I am not sure what I was doing in this particular one! Must be one of those times when I don’t realize what he is doing.

It becomes so hot, even the muse needs some shade!

The last two are mine! They are a part of only few that he gave a thumbs up to; out all those “exposures”( see I am learning).  I think they turned out to be not bad at all…

I hope you enjoyed the day out with us. And with join me again tomorrow for a quick and easy way of creating your own sketchbook and filling it it up with even easier steps.

Thank you



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