Tidbits at National Stationery Show


For a self proclaimed stationery addict, the National stationery show is one stop destination to get an all time high on glittering new product lines from the very best of the best in the industry.


NSS has been showcasing paper and paper related products for over 70 years. It provides a perfect launchpad for new products from well established paper businesses and gives a cheery high five to new businesses that display fresh talent.


This year added yet another excellent chapter to the previous years display. The atmosphere was abuzz with creative people and their lovely creations.


Customization is the key to win the hearts of planner lovers and it came in all forms. From monograming Leather TNs, tags, spiral notebooks to creating personalized stamps for businesses or just to add an extra touch to your daily art inspired life.


What is consistent every year is the fact that even the small businesses get an excellent exposure.


American Crafts brought with them the amazing Kelly Roberts who did calligraphy for anyone who stopped by.


Who can ever get bored of florals; that too, painted in gouache, watercolor and acrylics?


A surprise that I particularly loved was Ted Baker launching their very own stationery line in their statement blush pink and rose gold.


A bit of a fan moment for me at the Kikki K booth where I got to meet Kristina Karlson.


There was never ending fun at the stationery show.









 These were but a small glimpse of what happened in 3 days at Jarvits Centre, New York City, May 20-23, 2018. If you would like to know more in depth about the product line ups that stole the show then please do subscribe to my blog and await the next installment in this series.


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“When creativity does not slack why should you?”






A memory kind of planning

First a trick question! What do you find in the bag of a serial journal keeper and scrapbooker who believes in holding onto every memory possible? Let me tell you; you, find various dirty restaurant tissues, ticket stubs (from almost two years ago) and many half eaten biscuits in your beautiful Neverfull(Louis Vuitton’s gift to mothers if I may say so)! Be very thankful, I did not decide to upload that picture right here. It was not pretty!

Now let me also tell you this fact; it is offensive, to question these people about their bizarre love for memories. We hoard absolutely everything…every wrapper, every receipt and every plane ticket stub (even when their inks disappears) is stuffed very carefully somewhere in back of a drawer waiting to be stuck down in one journal or the other.

What is even more offensive is to go to these very people’s houses and wonder why on earth do they store all their old journals? Especially when the very people in question crib about no space in the house. I know I do… all the time!

So you can imagine how thankful I was to discover the new rising craze for planner binders. Planners are not new, they have been around for decades, but recently, the stationery addicts have added this very boring, mainly work related stationery item to the welcoming world of crafting. The planners are no longer solemn and prosaic but very alluring and much loved. They come in all colors and sizes; courtesy kikki k and Filofax and Erin Conderin. Now with Etsy and  market booming with practically every paper company producing planner binders and accessories the possibilities of customization have become endless.

I love ring binders above all. They serve the primary purpose of planners and after that the world is your oyster! Sticking down photos, journal cards, drawing a bit here and then there is also the purpose of planning your days ahead. Not a long time ago, I had a lot of journals, diaries, notebooks to serve a different purpose. However, off late I have begun to feel the need to combine it all in one binder, my planner binder. Its just more convenient, rather than reaching out to three or four different books for different requirements. Of course it has its planning purposes, for my blog projects and work and appointments.  I have, purposefully started using it as a memory keeper too.

As understanding as the flat lay notebooks are for writing and drawing they become rather unaccommodating when it comes to stuffing them silly with tip ins and memorabilia and especially   chipboard stickers. while using a similar notebook I was on the verge of blocking the word “chipboard sticker” from my keyboarding order for me to stop buying them. with the ring binders you can simply pop pages  in and out with dexterity of a mastermind villain! I know I do. It would be no surprise if I sing praises of a ring based binder when it comes to stickers especially the chipboard variety. Allow me to open my planner set up for you.

I have multiple binders simply because I love switching the colors and configuration with each month. I am showing you the binder for the month of April. I used Filofax domino patent a5 for that particular month when there is more memory keeping than planning is required. No need to get it dirty right?

The secretarial pockets are useful to stuff them with the extra stickers, post it, tabs, and most important the watercolor card.

I usually keep weekly and daily planning together for the ease of reach. Here are some inserts from cocoa daisy. I use them very minimally and restrict the information to just the basics.

Now you can see, how I, combine my scrapbooking, memory keeping aspect into the planner pages. What I love about this set up is the fact that the planner does not gain bulk at all. At the end of each month, I simply swoop the pages out and store them easily incase I want to go back to them later.

Hope you enjoyed going through my planner today. Happy scrapbooking day everyone! How do you set up your planners? Do you like to store scraps like I do? I would love to know what is your system of memory keeping. Please leave a comment below.

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“When creativity does not slack why should you?”

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